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Jobs in Agriculture are Trending, and here are the Facts to Prove It.

The agri-food sector is very large. Throughout the food system there are lots of careers in a variety of fields, ranging from a marketing manager to a food science technician. Those who are looking for careers that are exciting and well paying (bonus!) should consider a career within the agri-food system. These jobs are also secure – after all, everyone has to eat!

Employment opportunities within the sector are growing due to emergence of new technology and consumer consciousness of issues such as nutrition, environment, and globalization.6 

How many people work in agri-food?7

  • Jobs in agri-food make up 12% of total Canadian employment.  
  • Over 2.1 million Canadians are employed in the agri-food sector, directly providing 1/8 Canadians jobs.
  • Of that 2.1 million, there were 305,000 people employed in primary agriculture (working within farm, nursery, or greenhouse boundaries8).
  • For every 1 job in primary agriculture, there are 5 or 6 jobs in supporting areas of the sector (10 Available Jobs in the Agri-Food Sector). 

We’re hiring!

According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, there are several areas within the agri-food sector experiencing a great need for workers: 

  • Projected job openings for contractors, operators, and supervisors in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture drastically outnumbered the projected job seekers over the period 2011-2020. That’s 89,000 openings vs. only 55,808 job seekers!
  • Projections are similar for farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (e.g. workers in a horse facility, or a swine barn).9