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The Top 5 Canadian Agri-Food Exports


Canada is primarily a bulk exporter. In other words, businesses traditionally make money by exporting large quantities of a product. The push has been to increase the export of valueadded or processed goods, which can make Canada’s agri-food products more valuable to foreign markets and strengthen the Canadian economy. Value-added agri-food products are innovations made to existing products in order to diversify their usage, or to create new products, such as ready-made meals or specialty crops.135 As Canada develops its agrifood sector, it is expected there will be an increase in value-added product exports to both established and emerging market partners.136


Consumers in Canada have come to expect access to fresh fruits and vegetables year round. However, the availability of local produce is limited by the growing seasons in the different regions of the country. While Canada produces a wide variety of food products, and greenhouse production provides some vegetables throughout the year, large quantities of fruit and vegetables still have to be imported. Modern lifestyle also results in consumers expecting access to foods which cannot be produced in Canada (e.g. raw cane sugar and coffee).