All About Food Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

All About Food: Exploring Canada's Food System is an exciting resource which can help you cover agriculture and food topics in your grade 9-12 classroom. The resource is available in a print format (Fact Book) as well as an interactive website ( A variety of topics related to the agri-food system in Canada are highlighted in each format.

Within the Fact Book, each page covers a specific topic in more detail, providing an opportunity for individual lessons.  You may choose to order the Fact Book for your class from your respective provincial Agriculture in the Classroom organization. (See for provincial contacts.) 

Content on the interactive website aligns with the Fact Book, however additional links provide an opportunity to extend learning.

Below is a list of the main educational features of the website along with suggestions on how to use them to stimulate learning and inquiry.

Thank you for supporting Agriculture in the Classroom. For more information on programs and resources across the country, visit www.aitc.caWe hope that you and your students find this website a useful and engaging tool to learn about Canada’s agri-food system.

Features of


  • Information on the site is divided into "articles."
  • Each article on the site is drawn from material found within the All About Food Fact Book. 
  • Articles are grouped under section headings which correspond to the All About Food Fact Book. 
  • Each article has a table along the right hand side which provides access to Media, Links and Questions related to the article topic (more information below).


  • Click on the Questions tab to access a list of critical thinking questions.
  • If you click on an individual question, it will appear full screen for use in classroom instruction. To return to the previous screen, click on the X in the top right hand corner.
  • Questions have been written to promote further inquiry into the topics explored in the various articles. You may wish to assign students a specific question for a research project, or to stimulate a class discussion. 
  • The information found within the Media and Links tabs can provide students a starting point to access additional information to explore the critical thinking questions.


  • Click on the Media tab to access external sites and videos which relate to the topic of the article.
  • All links found in the Media section are videos, audio clips, or links to interactive websites or games. 
  • Media links provide an excellent way for students to extend learning.
  • Media links provide a starting point for research on the article topic.


  • Click on the Links tab to access external sites which relate to the topic of the article.
  • Links provide a starting point for research on the article topic.

Graphs and Charts

  • Many articles include a graph to depict information related to the article topic.
  • Hover over the graph to activate bubbles which will provide additional information. 
  • In some graphs, the information can be selected or deselected to change what is included in the data. For example, in the above graph clicking on "Conventional tillage" would deselect that option and the graph would only depict data for "Conservation tillage" and "No-till seeding."