A group of friends eating a healthy meal in a lush garden

How Canadians are Eating in 2014

Trends in food purchasing indicate that Canadians are changing the food they are buying and consuming. Here’s how and why:

  • Busy lifestyles mean Canadians want food that can be prepared quickly, but they are also concerned about food quality and affordability.
  •  As a result, many consumers prefer fresh and healthy convenient food from a store to restaurant dining.

Another trend in food purchasing is the increase in consumer spending on organic products:

  •  According to the Canadian Organic Trade Association, sales of certified organic food increased from $1 billion in 2006 to $3 billion in 2012.12
  •  The total spending by Canadians on food, beverages, and tobacco of all kinds from stores and restaurants was $181 billion in 2011.13
  • Therefore, while purchases of organic products are increasing, $3 billion is still a small portion of the market. 

Career Connection: Research and Development

The increased demand for healthy, convenient foods requires significant research and development. Jobs exist in researching how to make foods more nutritious, either through biotechnology, or through animal nutrition (e.g. feeding chickens flax seed to produce eggs with higher Omega 3 content).