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Friends in Food: Canada's Top Agri-Food Trading Partners

Canada enjoys agricultural trading relationships with partners whose markets have well-established business structures and strong ties to Canada, such as the United States. In addition, Canada is establishing relationships with economies with high potential for growth, such as Brazil and China.132 These priority markets provide excellent access opportunities to expand Canada’s agri-food sector.133

Canadian Agri-Food Trading Partners134
Country Export Totals ($) Top Agri-Food Exports
Established Markets
US 19.5 billion Cattle, fresh beef, baking-related goods, canola oil, frozen potatoes
Japan 3.7 billion Canola seed, pork, wheat, soybeans
EU 2.7 billion Soybeans, wheat, canola, corn, lentils
Mexico 1.72 billion Canola seed, non-durum wheat, fresh beef, canola oil, canary seed
South Korea 1 billion Non-durum wheat, fresh and frozen pork, canola oil, mink fur skins
Taiwan 204 million Frozen pork, beef hides, canola oil, prepared foods, frozen chicken
Emerging Markets
China 2.7 billion Canola seed, oil and meal, peas, mink fur
India 640 million Pulses, whey, mustard seed
Indonesia 356 million Non-durum wheat, meat flours and meals, peas, malt extract, frozen fries
Russia 448 million Pork, beef, pet food, cattle, swine