A business man holding a briefcase and standing in a field

4 Jobs on a Farm That May Surprise You

Farms may need employees or consultants for different aspects of their businesses:

1. Farm Managers + Workers

Some farms may be so large that they require additional employees to carry out daily activities and duties, and a manager to oversee business activities.

2. Animal Nutritionist

Special consultants in animal nutrition may be hired by farms to develop a diet for their animals which ensures they are healthy and productive.

3. Custom Equipment Operator

 With increasing farm size, some businesses make contracts with custom equipment operators to help plant, spray and harvest the large amount of land they own or rent. Some smaller farms may not be able to afford expensive equipment (many new combine harvesters cost well over $300,000, for example), and need to hire contract companies that own those machines for help.

4. Accountant

As farm income increases, and more farms become incorporated, there are often more financial transactions to keep track of. There is a demand for accountants who understand farm business operations and can help farmers with their finances, especially with tax returns.