A man and woman choose food items at a grocery store.

3 Ways to Identify a Canadian Product

Many Canadians prefer to purchase Canadian food when possible. But how do you pick out a Canadian product in the crowd?14

  1. “Product of Canada” means that all or nearly all of the major ingredients, processing, and labour used to make the product are Canadian.
  2. “Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients” and “Made in Canada from imported ingredients” mean just what they say.
  3. “Processed in Canada”, “Prepared in Canada,” or similar statements tell you the product was made in Canada by skilled Canadian workers to meet Canada’s stringent regulations. It may contain imported ingredients or a blend of Canadian and imported ingredients.

Career Connection: Design, marketing, and retail

Many food products have some type of packaging, which has to be designed by a person who can market the characteristics of a product. Once that product is ready for sale, there are numerous careers within the processing, transportation, wholesale and retail areas of the agri-food sector, too.